About me

Christopher Hall

I learnt the craft of woodworking from a very young age at a school where practical aptitude was encouraged and taught by a professional furniture maker. At that time the machines of today were not available so the time-honoured skills and techniques with handtools had to be learnt and mastered.
After leaving school I made many pieces of furniture for discerning clients and celebrities. In 1992 I was approached by the Tower of London to construct a classically detailed hardwood refreshment kiosk on Tower Hill and it was during that time I was nicknamed
The Gentleman Joiner by the Warders, and it has been my trademark ever since.
Many of my clients have frequently asked me if I was passing on my skills to other keen woodworkers and so in 2007 I set up The Woodhall Workshop to run One-to-One courses. In the following 15 years I had the pleasure of meeting over 500 men and women interested in learning the craft of woodworking.
It is very pleasing for me to note that many of them have turned into superb woodworkers and one of them is now an Instructor at a Technical College: I also frequently meet up with many of these enthusiasts at the annual D & M Tool Show when I have been invited by DeWalt to demonstrate their latest products.

Making furniture is without doubt one of the most rewarding experiences in life - by turning a plank of wood into a piece of furniture using hands and mind.


Woodhall, Cicelyford, Trellech, Monmouthshire NP25 4PT. Telephone: 07836 205152 Email: office@christopherhall.co.uk

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