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Before I moved to Wales from the South East I used to offer one-to-one woodworking courses for keen woodworkers who wished to improve their skills and make a piece of furniture for their family or home. I now offer courses in my new well equipped modern workshop, where driven by enthusiasm I am keen to pass on my experience to anyone wishing to learn the craft of woodworking. To date over 500 men and women have benefitted from a course and pictures of the many pieces which have been made by first-time woodworkers can be seen by clicking here to view the Picture Gallery..
I also offer Woodworking Holiday Courses, staying in our self contained Lodge, spending the mornings in my workshop and then the afternoons are free for you to enjoy the Welsh countryside. Courses are usually three or five days depending on what is to be made. Details of the Lodge can be seen by clicking here.
Many home woodworkers about to embark on a project need some short-term advice and guidance to avoid making unnecessary costly mistakes, most of which can be avoided with a few hours one-to-one instruction. Planning a project is often where the first problem arises, whether it be the correct wood to use or how to construct your project correctly, both of which can be covered in a morning session.
Most frequently requested subjects are - Setting out and marking out a project to maximise material as economically as possible. Understanding and using safely a table saw, mitre saw or band saw. The correct application of a router and router table, biscuit jointer and pocket hole jig. Cutting out joints require sharp accurate tools so learning how to sharpen chisels and planes is essential. All of these techniques can be learnt in a few hours, which will save you time and money.
Alternatively, if you have a project in mind which you would like some help with a day's course will often suffice. Many of the projects in the Picture Gallery have been made in a day. Next year I plan to offer a residential two-day course over a weekend staying in my very comfortable Woodhall Lodge so if this might be of interest then please call me. More of this later as it is my intention to make this a weekend away for couples in the beautiful Wye valley.
These courses are held at my workshop in Trellech, Monmouthshire which is fully equipped with the complete range of DeWalt corded and cordless woodworking tools together with a full range of Stanley hand tools, which will enable you to try a tool before you need to buy it.
Courses can cover any subject you need help with for a duration of hours or days to suit you.

Workshop at Trellech

Workshop at Trellech

Workshop at Trellech

Workshop at Trellech

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Proxxon Woodworking Course for Home Woodworkers - One-to-One Instruction

Sometimes a workshop is not available so one of the advantages of working in miniature is that it requires far less space and a much smaller investment in tools and equipment. This four-hour course is held at my workshop in Trellech, Monmouthshire where I will give you One-to-One instruction on how to make an item of your choice and how all the different Proxxon Micromot range of machines work as a perfect miniature woodworking system.
These tools will enable you to make a range of small useful and decorative items such as jewellery and trinket boxes, cutlery trays, desk sets and a huge selection of pens and key rings. All these items make excellent presents for families and friends.
The full range of Proxxon tools can be seen by clicking on the Proxxon Tools page.

Please call 01600 460268 to arrange a time to suit you.
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Pen Making Course for Home Woodworkers - One-to-One Instruction


Pen making is a very rewarding hobby which can be learnt quickly without the need for a workshop or any significant financial investment. The lathe can be set up on a table top anywhere in the home as it only weighs 2.5kgs and is very quiet running. This course is held at my workshop in Trellech, Monmouthshire where I am able to provide individual instruction using the Proxxon Micro Woodturning Lathe.

Proxxon MICRO Woodturning Lathe DB 250
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During this four hour course you will learn how to select the correct grained wood, drilling and gluing the barrels ready for turning on the lathe and then final finishing techniques to give a long lasting appearance to complement the 10ct gold or chrome fittings. A choice of pen kits and materials is included in the cost.

Pens, Roller balls, Biros and Pencils are all made in the same way and make very acceptable presents for family and friends.

Half Day One-to-One Courses Price
Introduction to Woodworking tools and techniques £150
Introduction to Powertools and their safe use £150
Correct use of Routers, Biscuit Jointer and Pocket Hole Jig £150
Furniture making joints, their correct application and construction £150
Pen Making on a Proxxon lathe £150
Full day Furniture Making £300
Woodworking Holiday Courses
including accommodation - Per day
A full days course is available on request

 Please call 01600 460268 to arrange a time to suit you.

Testimonials & Videos
      Neil Harnby wrote ......

“I first met Christopher a couple of years ago as a rather nervous but inquisitive woodworking novice. My paternal grandfather, who I never met, had been a master craftsman; I had inherited some of his tools and had no idea how to hold, let alone use, them. I called Christopher for help.
Christopher immediately put me at ease through his unbounded passion for his craft, his extraordinary skill and experience and his infectious humour. Here I am now having completed, I reckon, over 20 woodworking projects in the Woodhall Barns workshop.
Together, we have designed and made a plethora of wood “objets d'art” (from American ash, cherry, teak, oak, pine and sequoia) ranging from practical furniture for my garden (bench, table, pergola and cold frame), for my home (bookshelves, tables, shoe racks and exquisite oak pens) and even our dogs now have a new bespoke bed (which they don't wish to leave!).
Christopher has guided me throughout with unstinting patience, taught me how to plan, design, build and finish a project from scratch, given me the confidence to use both hand tools and (at first, daunting) machinery and shown me that it is completely natural to make mistakes (and for which he has always found a workable solution, somehow). We have laughed throughout and, of course, put the world to right!
I commend Christopher as an outstanding teacher to any and all woodworkers. You are guaranteed to learn something new and produce a creative piece of which you will be proud; I certainly am.”


      Steve S wrote ......

I have completed several courses with Christopher at the Woodhall Workshop over the last few years and have learnt a great deal as well as enjoying myself enormously.
Christopher brings huge experience and knowledge of his craft and conveys this in a confident, relaxed manner, and with a good degree of humour. I liked the fact that much of the course is conducted as a conversation rather than a lecture, bringing in questions and problems from all course participants. The majority of the time was very practical, and we got our hands onto tools, machines and wood almost straight away.
The test of a skilled craftsman is often demonstrated in putting things right when something has gone wrong and Christopher is a master at this. He is unflappable and very creative in coming up with solutions and work arounds.
In addition to learning on the courses I have continued to use Christopher as a sounding board and adviser as I have embarked on my own projects and needed some advice or just wanted to talk through how I planned to approach something.


      Peter Bowman ..... a very happy and satisfied woodworker.
I had a phenomenally instructive 1-2-1 woodworking session with Christopher Hall. I learnt all my basic woodworking skills at school but the wood working tools and techniques have moved on since 1970. So, just before my retirement Christopher gave me a refresher that covered Kreg jointing, biscuit jointing, routers, mitre saws, table saws, modern glues, tool sharpening and at least a thousand other tips during the time.
With the knowledge gained from Christopher I now have a Jacobean oak dining table, an ash medieval door, oak shelves, a hexagonal oak framed building plus much more. Since the 1-2-1 he has always been happy to help me with thoughts and advice from his extensive experience when I get stuck or need to purchase a tool upgrade.
Best investment I have ever made. Thank you for being so very thoughtful to meet my needs.

Dewalt Power Tools video
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