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Furniture Repairs & Restoration
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Furniture repairs and restoration needs to be undertaken with the same detail and expertise as making a new piece, as it is essential to replicate the techniques used by the original craftsman. These techniques have to be learnt in the time honoured tradition - by experience, because more damage can be done to the patina and overall look of a piece of furniture if these traditions are not followed.

The repairs will be undertaken in my purpose built workshop, which is clean, modern and centrally heated. This is important so the piece in question maintains the equivalent moisture content as its existing environment, thus preventing any unnecessary movement, shrinkage or splits.

Dining chairs frequently suffer with loose joints caused by either the original pearl glue drying out or by leaning back on two legs. Either way these loose joints can be rectified by taking the chair apart and cleaning up the joints and re-gluing. Typically this type of repair costs on average £60.00.

In addition to repairs sometimes a piece of furniture requires cleaning with a specialist cleaning fluid and then re-waxing or French polishing.

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Victorian ladies chair

Oak Longcase Clock

Singer Sewing Machine Table Before and After Restoration

Dining Chairs Before and After Repair


When a piece of furniture requires re-upholstering it is essential that it is done in the time honoured tradition with skill and experience. My upholsterer, like myself, has been restoring furniture all his life and prides himself in making sure the original appearance is maintained by applying craftsmanship and utilising traditional materials. Samples of recent commissions are shown below.


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